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Dog Friendly Tee Times - Trial

Dear Members,

A suggestion book item has been discussed by your Committees. The topic… Considering the trial of dog friendly tee times on the course.

Management and Greenkeepers have been consulted, do not have any issues with the idea, and agree this should be decided by the membership.

Therefore, your Committees are asking you to take part in a poll, to help understand the wider view of the proposal.

Some of the pros, cons, and logistics have been discussed, which include:


  • Most premier private Clubs in Surrey allow their members to bring dogs as part of Club culture/tradition/daily life
  • Allowing dog owning members to enjoy some 'dog friendly' time on the course would reduce restrictions on their time at the Club by alleviating the need to get home quickly
  • Some prospective members have not joined because of the current 'no dogs' policy on the course


  • There is the potential for unforeseen issues to arise
  • Some dogs could misbehave
  • Increased management duties may be required to deal with breaches of rules or incidents

Trial logistics

  • A four month trial (June to September)
  • Dogs allowed after 2pm only
  • Further restrictions would apply on major competition days. Communicated via the course status
  • Owners to be given clear guidelines for required doggy etiquette
  • Dogs must remain on a lead and under owners’ control at all times
  • ‘Two strikes and you’re out policy’ for notable breaches. (the dog's access, not the member's!)
  • Other guidelines to be discussed, amended, and added as required. E.g. the trial also includes access to the patio area (which is currently not prohibited under current Club rules)
  • If the trial is approved, all members will be contacted again in October to decide whether to make dog friendly tee times a permanent feature of life at the Club

Have your say. Do you support this trial?

The below poll form is now active and will close on 26th May.

YES - I support the idea of a trial.
NO - I don't support the idea of a trial.

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