Farnham Golf Club

Farnham Golf Club - Adult Academy

Mission Statement

Here at Farnham we are proud to welcome golfers of all ability levels and we endevour to offer the best opportunity for a new or returning  player to enjoy our great sport. 

With an extensive range of superb coaching facilities and a team of experienced PGA professionals, we aim to deliver a first class player develop scheme.

The long term goal of the Academy scheme is to guide a player to a level where they may enjoy the game, feel confident about their play and opt to join Farnham Golf Club. 

Academy Benefits 
  • 12 Individual lessons each subscription year with a PGA Professional
  • Access to the course at off peak times
  • Access to all the club practice facilites
  • Clubhouse access and members discount
  • Structured coaching and advice within the player development scheme
  • Group coaching, competitions and social engagement opportunities
  • Access  to the mentors scheme to enable integration 
  • Guided transition towards an application to full membership
  • World Handicap System /England Golf Affiliation
The PGA Professionals

Peter Irlam, PGA Coach - Luke Bone (Head PGA Professional) - Ollie Lewis, PGA Coach 

Academy Coordinators

We are ever grateful for the help and input from our members and the pro-active approach towards our Academy scheme. Sophie Buther, Maria Kellock, Mandy Barrett and Alan Cooke are club members who generously dedicate time to help coordinate the group coaching sessions, the texas scramble competitions and social activities.

The Process

Our Academy membership category has capacity for forty members at any one time. 

* Please note, the Academy is currently full and applications during 2024 will be held on file until vacancies arrise, this may be at the next annual renewal (April 2025). In the meantime, please do contact our team of PGA Professionals to arrange for some lessons ahead of your Academy journey.

Applications are taken via the website and applicants will be invited for a assessment and taster sessions with one of the coaching staff. These sessions will allow the coaching staff to gauge the applicants current level and general suitability for the Academy membership. 

Academy Membership Application - Click Here

Once an application has been accepted and vacancies allow, new members are invited to begin their twelve sessions of coaching and will have access to the course at off-peak times. 

An Academy Members progress is tracked by their designated Professional and the mentors.  The mentors are current full members of the club and will assist in  the process of  understanding the club systems along with etiquette and golf rules. These integral partners will be on hand to guide the member through the scheme and to help understand the best time to move through the relevant stages.

When an Academy Member has utilised the scheme for a minimum of one year, they will be assessed regularly and when appropriate, they will be offered the benefit of transitioning towards the Academy Plus category. This transition would normally take place after two years but is assessed on a player-by-player basis.

 Academy  Plus - This allows greater access to the course and the opportunity to further develop important aspects of a players 'on-course' skills. 

During this next phase of the membership journey, members are encouraged to submit scores for handicap assessment and to develop golfing relationships with other club members.  From within this category, at the appropriate time, a formal application may be submitted to join the main club with a mentor acting as a proposer if possible. This application will be reviewed by the membership committee and an offer of full membership may be offered when vacancies permit. 

Pricing - Subscription year 1st April 
  • Academy - £951.50
  • Academy Plus - £1339.50
  • Some discounts apply for under 30 age brackets

Academy Membership Application - Click Here

Fifteen bay driving range                                                                                      Academy Short-Game Coaching Session

Our superb chipping green                                                                              Academy members enjoy a drink after play

Our fantastic golf studio for indoor coaching and analysis


  1. How often can I play on the course? - Your assigned coach and the mentors will help guide you on this. It is important to remember that the scheme is a combination of coaching, practice and playing. Access to the course is granted when skill levels are appropriate. Course access opens up as you progress through the scheme and playing ability develops.
  2. When can I play? Off-peak tee times are available in the afternoons and switch when the clocks change for winter & summer - Academy Plus after 12pm winter & 2pm Summer / Academy After 2pm Winter & 4pm Summer. Note: Course utilisation is dependant on clearance from your coach and should be in conjuncton with the mentors. 
  3. Do I need to use up my twelve lessons each year? - Yes, it is expected that one lesson per month is the minimum you should take to facilitate a good level of improvement.  Unused lessons do not carry over each year.
  4.   When can I apply for full membership? - Again, this will be guided by your golfing development and by your coach/mentors. Typically, once a player has moved on to the Academy Plus membership for a year and can play a full 18 holes to a good playing standard/handicap of 28/36, then they may be encouraged t make an application.
  5. Are joining fees applicable? - Yes, a successful applicant for the full membership will be required to pay all associated fees.
  6. Can I bring Guests? - Those who have progressed to the Academy Plus may bring six guests per year. (guests must have an official handicap)
  7. Can I become a full member of the main club? - The Academy scheme is geared towards player development and we aim to bring players to a standard where they may apply for full membership in the future. The usual application process will apply, along with any applicable joiniong fees. The Academy aims to provide a solid foundation and an asscociation with the club that will enhance your application.
  8. Can I get a Handicap? - Academy members will be allocated an initial maximum handicap asthis is vital to allow access to the bookings templates on the club website. Members are then required to submit scores over a minimum of 9-holes in order to develop/improve their handicap index. Ideally, members should be able to demonstrate the ability to complete 18 holes to the requred standard.

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